Capital City: Maputo  Region: Africa
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Nearby:  South Africa Zimbabwe Tanzania Malawi Zambia Swaziland Madagascar 
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Capital City: Maputo
Mozambique(Moçambique) is a country on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Tanzania to the north and has inland borders with Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Mozambique's eastern coastline along the Indian Ocean is more than 1,000 km long, a fantastic draw for scuba divers, fishermen, sailors and beach lovers.


Mozambique stretches for 1,535 mi (2,470 km) along Africa's southeast coast. It is nearly twice the size of California. Tanzania is to the north; Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to the west; and South Africa and Swaziland to the south. The country is generally a low-lying plateau broken up by 25 sizable rivers that flow into the Indian Ocean. The largest is the Zambezi, which provides access to central Africa. In the interior, several chains of mountains form the backbone of the country.


Almost all of Mozambique falls within the tropics and as such, Mozambique features a mostly tropical climate.
Along the coast Mozambique has a warm, tropical climate. Evenings are rarely cold, except for a few nights in June and July and the rainfall isn't too high. In summer, temperatures can soar and the humidity levels rise. Temperatures are typically higher in the north, around Pemba, and around the Zambezi.
The interior plains generally have a higher temperature than that of the coast and have higher rainfall throughout the year. The mountainous regions generally remain cool throughout the year.

Public Holidays

The public holidays in Mozambique are:
 ▪  1 January New Year's Day.
 ▪  3 February Heroes' Day.
 ▪  7 April Woman's Day.
 ▪  1 May Workers' Day.
 ▪  25 June Independence Day.
 ▪  7 September Lusaka Agreement Day.
 ▪  25 September Armed Forces Day.
 ▪  4 October Peace Day.
 ▪  25 December Family Day.

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