Capital City: N'Djamena  Region: Africa
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Nearby:  Libya Niger Cameroon Central African Republic Nigeria Sudan 
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Capital City: N'Djamena
Chad (French: Tchad) is a country in the Sahel, south of Libya, east of Niger and Cameroon, north of the Central African Republic, and west of Sudan. It shares a short border with Nigeria.


Each year a tropical weather system known as the intertropical front crosses Chad from south to north, bringing a wet season that lasts from May to October in the south, and from June to September in the Sahel.


Broad, arid plains in center, desert in north, mountains in northwest, lowlands in south. Lowest point: Djourab Depression (160 meters). Highest point: Emi Koussi (3,415 meters).
The dominant physical structure is a wide basin bounded to the north, east and south by mountain ranges such as the Ennedi Plateau in the north-east. Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is the remains of an immense lake that occupied 330,000 km2 of the Chadian Basin 7,000 years ago. Although in the 21st century it covers only 17,806 km2, and its surface area is subject to heavy seasonal fluctuations, the lake is Africa's second largest wetland.

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