British Virgin Islands

Capital City: Road Town  Region: Caribbean
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Capital City: Road Town
The British Virgin Islands are a self-governing British overseas territory, situated in the Caribbean just to the east of the US Virgin Islands.
The BVIs, as they are called, are a popular travel destination for sailors, fishermen, sun worshippers, and other independent travellers, albeit not for the cost conscious. Boating among the dozens of tiny, mostly uninhabited, islands is a great stop on any tour of the Caribbean islands


The British Virgin Islands comprise 16 inhabited and more than 43 uninhabited islands, including the island of Anegada. The islands fall into two types, the majority are steep volcanic islands (including the main islands, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, and a small number relatively flat coral islands (such as Anegada and Sandy Spit). The highest point is Sage Mountain on Tortola.


Tropical, tempered by easterly trade winds, relatively low humidity, little seasonal temperature variation. Has experienced several hurricanes in recent years, although with little consequent damage, as well as floods, usually in October or November.

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