Capital City: Andorra La Vella  Region: Europe
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Capital City: Andorra La Vella
Andorra is a small, mountainous country in the Pyrenees mountains in Europe, and is on the Iberian Peninsula, on the border between France and Spain, in Southern Europe.


 ▪  Andorra la Vella - Capital of Andorra.
 ▪  Santa Coloma - South of Andorra La Vella towards the border with Spain.
 ▪  Sant Julia de Loria - South of Santa Coloma towards the border with Spain.
 ▪  Escaldes-Engordany - This is really an eastern suburb parish of Andorra La Vella.
 ▪  Encamp - Parish to the NE of Andorra La Vella between Engordany and Canillo on the road to France.
 ▪  La Massana - small town and parish about 5 miles north of Andorra La Vella. You can access Arinsal - Pal ski area from it directly.
 ▪  Ordino - Northernmost and least populated parish but almost the largest.
 ▪  Canillo - Northeasternmost parish on the main road and border to France.
 ▪  Arinsal - Small village in the north west.

Ski Resorts

Most of these resorts were once small mountain villages which have grown in recent years due to skiing.
In recent years the resorts have all joined together so that your ski pass covers neighbouring areas. As a result there are now just two areas known as Vallnord and Grandvalira.
Vallnord covers Arcalis and the Arinsal-Pal ski area. Arcalis is quite distant away from Arinsal-Pal but the latter have been joined up in recent years by a cable car connecting the two ski areas. The Arisnal-Pal ski area is directly accessible from La Massana right from the middle of the town. 93km of pists.
Grandvalira covers Soldeu and Pas de la Casa. The Soldeu ski area is also accessible from Encamp and Canillo. This quite cleverly has opened up these areas to cope with the influence of visitors without putting all the strain on Soldeu. It has 193km of ski slopes between 1710 and 2640m of high. The surface of grandvalira is about 1.926 H, and it's dividid in 6 different areas:
 ▪  Pas de la Casa - skiing resort located right on the French border.
 ▪  Soldeu - skiing resort.
 ▪  Arcalis - ski area located at the head of the valley from El Serrat.
 ▪  Arinsal - skiing resort part of the Arinsal Pal ski area. Also known as Vallnord which means Valley North in English.
 ▪  Pal - skiing resort part of the Arinsal Pal ski area.
 ▪  Arinsal-Pal -- Actually two skiing areas connected by cable car. See Arinsal and Pal.

Hiking and Trekking

If you would like more information on the mountain huts in Andorra, go to Mountain huts in Andorra . A good way for hiking and trekking in Andorra is staying at the Himàlaia Hotel in Soldeu , that has its own Hiking team of guides who go every day with their guests to walk and discover a lot of interesting hiking routes around the country.
Andorra is a great place for hiking. The point of departure is the town of Arinsal at the foot of the Coma Pedrosa (2,942 m) and the Pic de Médécourbe (2,914 m).
 ▪  Treks from Arinsal (1,500 m) - Pic de Sanfons (2,888 m, 4h45, climb 1,310 m, medium until the hut, difficult on the ridge). View on the Coma Pedrosa, the valley of Tor, the lakes of Baiau in Spain as well as on the Pallars mountains. Mountain hut and lake on the way. Parking at Torrent Ribal 1,580 m.
 ▪  Pic de Médécourbe(2,914 m 4h30, climb 1,335 m, medium until the hut increasing to difficult on the ridge). A classic! Mountain hut half-way up, lakes and a breathtaking view over the valley of Arinsal, Boet and Vicdessos (France). Parking at Torrent Ribal 1,580 m.
 ▪  Pic de Coma Pedrosa(2,942 m 4h30, climb 1,370 m, medium until the lake, difficult on the ridge). The highest mountain in Andorra. Mountain hut half way up, lakes. Beautiful view of the surrounding summits, the valley of Arinsal and to the West, the Maladeta and Ecantats massifs. Parking at Torrent Ribal 1580m.
 ▪  Montmantell lakes and the Pic del Pla de l'Estany(2,859 m 4h20, climb 1'280m, medium). Mountain hut half-way up, lakes, magnificient view over the Ariège mountains in France and over Andorra. Parking at Torrent Ribal 1580 m.
 ▪  Arinsal - Percanela - les Fonts - Pla de l'Estany - Arinsal circuit(2'055m 4h30, climb 670m, medium) 2 mountain huts. Very pleasant circuit which one can do either way. Lovely views of the Coma Pedrosa via the imposing natural amphitheatre of Les Fonts. A few bordas (farm houses) on the way, some renovated, some in ruins. Parking at Arinsal 1,466 m.
 ▪  Camí del coll de les Cases 1,950 m 1h40, climb 490 m, medium)
Panoramic view over the Ordino mountains and la Massana. Ideal picnic and meditation site. One can continue along the GR11 to Arans (parking at Mas de Ribafeta 1466m) but transport back to Arinsal must be provided.

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