Map Generators

Google Map Generator

Highlight any country with any color you like on a Google Map. This is an interactive map with adjustable height and width. You can embed this map or you can share a link with your friends. The color of selected countries is the only option. The water color is not changable. You can also specify your home country and favorite country.

Geochart Map Generator

This map is generated using Google GeoChart API. It is also embeddable and shareable like the Google Map Generator. It does include some different features like selectable water color and default country color. Also, you can take a snapshot of your map. Like the Google Map Generator, the height and width are adjustable.

Travel Map Generator - World

This map simply generates a PNG image with your selected countries. All the colors are selectable. However the size is restricted to 440x220.

Regional map generators: Africa - Asia - Europe - Middle East - South America - USA