Wallis And Futuna

Capital City: Mata-Utu  Region: Oceania
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Nearby:  Fiji Samoa Tokelau Tuvalu New Zealand Niue Tonga 
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Capital City: Mata-Utu
Wallis and Futuna is an overseas community of France consisting of two small island groupings in Polynesia, near Fiji and Samoa.
Wallis and Futuna comprises two archipelagoes:
Hoorn Islands group (also known as the Futuna Islands, and as Îles Horne)
 ▪  Futuna Island (pop.~5,000)
 ▪  Alofi Island (uninhabited)
Alofi Island is the smaller of the two. According to legend it was as densely inhabited as Futuna up until the 19th century, when the Futuna people slaughtered and ate the population in a single raid.
Wallis Islands group (also known as ʻUvea, as is Wallis Island)
 ▪  Wallis Island (ʻUvea) (pop.~10,000)
Wallis Island is surrounded by 15 smaller islands, all of which are uninhabited.

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