Capital City: The Valley  Region: Caribbean
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Capital City: The Valley
Anguilla is a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea, a few miles north of Saint Martin.


Anguilla is a flat and low-lying island. It is 35 sq. miles, 16 miles long and 3 miles wide at the widest point. The highest point is Crocus Hill, at 65 meters.
The island is made of limestone, providing many caves. Two of the most impressive being The Big Springs located in Island Harbour and The Fountain located in Shoal Bay.
Anguilla also has many attractive coral reefs which provides habitats for a vast array of tropical fish and marine wildlife. This motivates individuals to take part in snorkeling.


 ▪  The Valley - the capital.
 ▪  Blowing Point
 ▪  Island Harbour
 ▪  Sandy Ground
 ▪  West End Village
 ▪  East End Village

Other destinations

 ▪  Meads Bay
 ▪  Rendezvous Bay
 ▪  Sandy Hill Bay
 ▪  Little Bay
 ▪  Crocus Bay
 ▪  Shoal Bay
 ▪  Scrub Island
 ▪  Sandy Island
 ▪  Silly Cay


 ▪  Anguilla has many farms of corn, peas, tomatoes and other crops. To see, buy or learn about plants and animals in Anguilla one can visit The Department of Agriculture, located in The Valley, Anguilla.
 ▪  Anguilla National Trust is an organization whose task is to preserve Anguilla's natural environment, historic and cultural resources and archaeology. They can provide information on Anguilla's environment and conduct tours.


 ▪  Hydroponic Farm and Organic Gardens, CuisinArt Resort and Spa, West End.
 ▪  Endangered Species Garden and Indigenous Local Plants Gardens, Cap Juluca Resort.
 ▪  The Angilla Beautification Club (ABC) also hosts an Annual Flower and Garden Show.

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