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Capital City: Pago Pago  Region: Oceania
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Nearby:  Samoa Tokelau Wallis and Futuna Fiji Tonga 
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Capital City: Pago Pago
American Samoa is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean that lie about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand and about 100 km east of the island country of Samoa, which is part of the same archipelago.
American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. The citizens of American Samoa are US "nationals" and not US "citizens," but they are allowed to travel freely between the American Samoa and the US Mainland. They are not required to obtain green cards or visas to stay or work in the United States, and they are allowed to serve in the US armed forces (and often do). There are some ways that American Samoa's special status as an unincorporated territory have interesting legal consequences. The US Constitution is not necessarily the supreme law of the land in American Samoa, and Samoan cultural norms, in particular, those related to the ownership of property and public displays of religion actually trump certain well-settled US constitutional rights in American Samoa.
The main city is Pago Pago and the smaller Fagatogo is constitutionally designated seat of government. The governor's office is located in the village of Utulei, located on the opposite side of Fagatogo from Pago Pago.


 ▪  Tutuila - The main island.
 ▪  Ofu - widely regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in the South Pacific, with its high peaks dropping dramatically to sparkling white sand beaches, where the only other footsteps apart from your own are those of crabs.
 ▪  Olosega - connected by a narrow bridge to neighboring Ofu.


Pago Pago(pronounced "Pongo Pongo") - capital city.

Other Destinations

 ▪  Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary - a tropical reef, filled with all sorts of brightly-colored tropical fish including parrot fish, damselfish and butterfly fish, as well as other sea creatures like lobster, crabs, sharks and octopus.
 ▪  National Park of American Samoa - The Samoan village leaders and the U.S. Congress have set aside the finest samples of the islands' land and seascapes as a national park


 ▪  Fatu ma Futi or flower pot, located about 275 m (900 ft) out in the ocean stands a tall mini island. It is home to many exotic birds and fruit bats.
 ▪  Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary (requires a steep, moderately difficult hike).
 ▪  National Park of American Samoa

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