Capital City: Alofi  Region: Oceania
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Nearby:  Tonga Cook Islands Solomon Islands New Zealand Tokelau 
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Capital City: Alofi
Niue is an island in Oceania. It is located approximately halfway between Tonga and the Cook Islands.


Tropical; modified by southeast trade winds. The average daytime temperature is 27 C from May to October and 30 C from November to April. December to March is the cyclone season


From the sea approaches Niue is flat with its cliff faces resembling a large ‘Swiss cheese’ composed of coral limestone rock peppered with caves, hidden caverns and chasms, buried grottoes and other subterranean natural fissures that are yet to be discovered and developed into tourist attractions.
The island is approximately 73km in circumference with two distinct terraces. The upper terrace, 60m high at its highest point, slopes steeply to a 0.5m coastal terrace ending with high cliffs, some over 20m above sea level. A rugged fringing reef, which in places over 100m wide, surrounds the island.
Steep limestone cliffs along coast, central plateau. Unlike most Pacific islands, there are no long, white sandy beaches, only tiny, secluded, white sand beaches that might be yours for the whole day.

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