Capital City: Algiers  Region: Africa
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Nearby:  Morocco Tunisia Libya Mauritania Mali 
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Capital City: Algiers
Algeria is an Arab and Berber country in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the north. It is surrounded by Morocco to the northwest, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, Mauritania and Western Sahara to the west. After Sudan, Algeria is the second-largest country in Africa.


 ▪  Central Algeria - the metropolitan area around the capital.
 ▪  Northeast Algeria - the extensive mountains and high plains east of Algiers.
 ▪  Northwest Algeria - the mountainous coastal area west of Algiers.
 ▪  Saharan Atlast - the mountain range inland of the high plateaus.
 ▪  Saharan Algeria - the vast desert in the south of the country.


 ▪  Algiers - With nearly 3 Million inhabitants Algiers is the Capital but also political and cultural centre of Algeria.
 ▪  Annaba - A town with 200.000 inhabitants located in the east of the country next to the border of Tunisia.
 ▪  Batna
 ▪  Bechar - Small city in the Sahara, not far away from the moroccan border.
 ▪  Constantine
 ▪  Oran - Biggest City after Algiers also called second Paris by Algerians, with many impressive buildings from the colonial time.
 ▪  Sétif Centre of the Kabyle with quite moderate temperatures and occasional snow falls in the winter.
 ▪  Tamanrasset - Largest town in the south and starting point for expeditions to the Sahara and the hoggar mountains.

Other Destinations

 ▪  Roman ruins at Timgad outside Batna.
 ▪  El-Oued with its domed architecture & nearby Grand Erg Oriental-the Sahara's second largest dune field.
 ▪  Hippo Regius, an ancient Numidian city once an early center of Christianity with well preserved baths & forum.


 ▪  Algeria is a vast country offering tourists a wide selection of attractions and activities. The capital city of Algiers has a rich past and ruins at Djemila, Tipasa and Timgad are fascinating to see. Main attractions in Algeria include the National Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Bardo Ethnographic and Local Art Museum. Step back in history by making your way to the Hauts Plateaux where you will discover the historical city of Tlemcen as well as the Grand Mosque, Almohad ramparts and Masourah Fortress.
 ▪  Heading out towards the formiddable Sahara opens up a whole new world of attractions in Algeria. The holy town of Beni-Isguen, with its well-guarded gate and auction market, makes for an interesting stop. Ouargla, also known as 'the golden key to the desert', is a lovely town featuring a malekite minaret, market square and gorgeous architecture. Natural attractions in Algeria also abound with Kabylia and the Chiffa Gorges. Take in the beauty of the ocean along the Turquoise coast or the Sidi Fredj peninsula.

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