Country: Greenland  Region: North America
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Nuuk, also known by its Danish name of Godthåb (Good Hope), is the capital and administrative center of Greenland, with a population of around 15,000 (about 1/4 the entire population of the country). The city is sometimes accused of being rather soulless, with many high-rise blocks.


Nuuk, along with most of Greenland, has a subarctic climate. Being on the coast helps moderate temperatures somewhat, though, so winter temperatures are not unlike what one would experience in northern Europe or central Canada. However, in July the average temperature is only 45*F, with highs rarely making it out of the 50s, so don't plan on a warm day any time of year!
The fall is the time with the most rainfall and snowfall, but it is at a pretty steady rate all year round.

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