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Country: Guatemala  Region: North America
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Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala, a country in Central America.


Guatemala City is located in the department (territorial division) of Guatemala, and it's the capital of the country. All the main highways start at Km. 0, located inside Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace), in Centro Histórico (Historic Center).
Guatemala City became the capital after Antigua Guatemala had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1773. With a population of around 3 million people, Guatemala City is the largest and most modern city in Guatemala, and Central America, and it is the region's center for finance and politics. It can be interesting to visit "Guate" - as it is also called by the locals. Guatemala City has attractions and restaurants, often with few tourists. Attending a Sunday evening gathering of hundreds of locals at the main plaza is certainly an unforgettable experience.

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