Country: Moldova  Region: Europe
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Nearby:  Romania Ukraine Bulgaria Hungary Slovakia 
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Chisinau (Russian Kishinyov, Ukrainian Kishinev) is the capital of Moldova with a population of around 780,800.


Chisinau is relatively wealthy compared to the rest of the country, as Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. As common in developing countries, you are likely to see great disparities in wealth. It's also very much a post-Soviet city, with both the good and bad qualities associated with it.
The majority of the middle and working class population still live in Soviet era housing blocks. These may look run down, lifts may be iffy, etc, but the majority of them are not "dangerous" as similar areas may be considered to be in Western Europe or the United Kingdom. Do not come to Moldova expecting Western standards, but at the same time do not expect that this is a dangerous country with threats around every corner. Crime is relatively low although usual precautions apply.

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